The ordering procedure

The ordering procedure is as follows:

  • Client sends a price request (via the feedback form at the homepage of Aveler);
  • Aveler gives a response to the price request (via e-mail);
  • The Client places an Order confirming the price offer made by Aveler OÜ;
  • The contract for the carriage of passengers will be considered as concluded upon the confirmation of the Order;
  • The Client will pay the sum marked out on the advance payment invoice by the due date (Aveler OÜ has the right to claim a fine for delay in the amount of 0.2% of the remaining sum for each delayed day).

Requirements for the price request and written order

  • Initial date, time, and address (place of departure) of the trip;
  • Final date, time, and address (destination) of the trip;
  • Itinerary (separately for each day with times and destinations);
  • Number of passengers;
  • Data about the Client;
  • Tour-guide service.

Cancelling an order:

  • The Client has the right to cancel or change an order submitted by him/her by notifying the Service Provider in written form 4 calendar days in advance in the case of domestic carriages and 6 calendar days in advance in the case of foreign carriages, counting from the day preceding the day of providing the service.
  • The cancellation notice must be submitted via e-mail.